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" E l l t s e y a   T o y" 


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Welcome to the homepage of one of the smallest and loveliest dogs in the world.

We would like to introduce:
– Russkiy Toy –
the race Russia is proud of.
The Russkiy Toy personifies a cheerful nature, a charming appearance and a small size.
This tiny dog is he best friend and doesn’t leave anybody cold.

Februar 2006 „FCI“ generally accepted the race „Toy Terrier”.
The standard with the change of the race name into „ Russkiy Toy “ was introduced.

The dogs presented at this site were born at one of the leading breeding nurseries „Sher“
(Moscow). This breeding nursery got the title of the best Russian long-hair Toy  breeding nursery for several times.

We hope that after visiting our homepage you will also become a lover of this unusual race.


On the 12th of October, 1958 two smooth-haired dogs, one of which had slightly longer hair, gave birth to a male dog with a spectacular fringes on ears and limbs. It was decided to keep this feature.
The male was mated with a female which also had slightly long hair. Thus the longhaired variety of the Russian Toy appeared. It was called Moscow Longhaired Toy Terrier.

A dog breeder from Moscow, Yevgueniya Fominichna Zharova, played an important role in the creation of this breed variant.

It was during a long period of developement, in an isolated context, along with a specifically conducted selection that a new breed was created : the Russian Toy with two varieties:
Longhaired and smooth-haired.


Russischer Zwerghund

Moscow Toy Dog

Moskauer Toy Terrier

Russischer Toy Terrier

Russisk Toy

Russian Toy

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